Saturday, April 29, 2006

internet home based business traffic tips

Internet home based business ,10 sure fire ways to boost your traffic and profits sales copy
1 "Bookmark This Web Site Now" Tell your visitors to bookmark your web site. They may see your web sitelisted in their bookmarks and visit again. You should also give then a good reason to bookmark your site. For example tell them you add new content everyday.
2 "Subscribe To Our Free E-zine" Tell your visitors to subscribe to your e-zine. When they subscribe you'll capture their e-mail address. Every time they read your e-zine, it will remind them to return to your site.
3. "Participate On Our Discussion Board" Ask your visitors to participate on your online discussion board.By participating they will meet other people. By meeting other people, they will revisit your web site on a regular basis to stay in contact with them.
4. "Sign Our Guestbook" Ask your visitors to sign your guest book. When people sign your guest book you may get valuable feedback or constructive criticism on how to improve your web site.
This may help you increase traffic to your web site. Use Our Free Content On Your Site Or In YourE-zine"
5.)Allow your visitors to use your articles on their own web site or in their e-zine.
Just ask them to include your resource box. This will spread your advertising all over the internet. Provide free articles or an article creator for them
6. "Refer This Our Web Site To A Friend" Ask your visitors to refer your web site to a friend(s). They may know someone that would benefit from visiting your web site.
7. "Fill Out Our Online Survey" Ask visitors to fill outyour online survey or questionnaire. You could use itto get valuable feedback on ways to improve your website to increase traffic.
8. "Enter Our Contests" Ask your visitors to enter your online contest or sweepstakes. People love to win stuff,and they will visit your web site to try.
9. "Give Away Our Freebie To Your Visitors" Allow your visitors to give away your internet home based business online freebies to people that visit your web site. Include your ad on the freebieand those freebies will multiply your traffic.
10 "Join Our Affiliate Program" Allow your visitors to make money selling your products or services. This will increase your traffic because they will link to your web site.
internet home based business

Friday, April 14, 2006

internet home based business

Internet home based business
Starting out making money online?, or starting a home based business If you're new to the Internet and the make money online business world, you've probably visited website after website and are getting to the "over-whelmed" stage! Very understandable! Not long ago, we were where you are right now - and just as confused and skeptical. Take some deep breaths and a few moments to grab a cup of your favorite beverage. When you're ready, come back! This website has a lot of information for you to digest and numerous opportunities. Researching it will require a lot of your time. But it will be time well-spent! Of course we hope you'll find what you're searching for here, but if not, we hope we have increased your knowledge base. The only way to do this is to create your own profitable website. Don't let the thought scare you. Nowadays, you don't need technical skills or computer skills because there are hosts that do all of the "technical stuff" for you so you can focus on building your business. Your website should provide content related to your niche. People search online for information. They don't search for you. Any successful website follows a simple 4-step process called C-T-P-M, developed by web marketing expert Ken Evoy: 1. Give your readers what they want by converting your knowledge into high-quality, in-demand Content. In other words, you'll write about topics related to your niche that others want to learn about. 2. Your content ranks high at search engines which attracts free, targeted Traffic...readers who are interested in your content. 3. You OVERdeliver high-value content to these motivated readers, developing trust and confidence ("PREsell" your readers). 4. FINALLY, you're ready to Monetize your warm, willing-to-buy customers. This is when you must diversify. Don't just post a link to your websites . Take advantage of additional AUTOMATED monetization models: • Sell your digital or hard goods to targeted customers • Add targeted Google ads (you get paid for every click) • Partner with and link to books related to your theme • Partner with eBay and get paid for everyone who signs up from your site • Monetize automatically through affiliate programs related to your theme • Sell information make money online, start a home based business
internet home based business

internet home based business

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